Lucida Studio takes its name from the camera lucida, an optical tool that was used by artists to help faithfully render a scene in front of them. My goal likewise is to render artworks in their best possible light.


I've always loved art, forever been behind a camera and am driven by technical solutions to artistic challenges. Having an artist’s eye combined with technical ability, my passion lies at an intersection between art and science. That's what Lucida Studio is about.


My experience amongst artists has led me to care deeply about creative intent and in helping provide for the photographic needs of artists in Western Australia. Lucida Studio is a bespoke photography service, providing the highest standards of art reproduction photography available. 


- Henry Whitehead, Lucida Studio.


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From the smallest individual artworks dropped off at my studio to priceless art collections photographed on-site, Lucida Studio takes utmost care in creating beautiful, highly detailed digital reproductions. 

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Although art reproduction photography is Lucida's primary purpose, artists may need professional photography for marketing, promotion, documentation and more. Lucida can do it all. Can your art only be appreciated from the sky? No worries, we even have a drone! 


Rest assured, pricing is highly competitive. The cost will vary depending on the quantity, type, scale, and complexity of the work. Feel free to say hi and get in touch for a quote.

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