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We recognise and respect the Traditional Owners of this Country and their connection to the lands, waters and skies.


We are a small, bespoke photography service, providing the highest standard of art reproduction photography available to artists, art collections and institutions in Western Australia. 


Lucida Studio takes its name from the camera lucida, an optical tool that was used by artists to help faithfully render a scene in front of them. Our goal likewise is to capture artworks faithfully using the best possible methods, equipment, and care.

We love to see physical artwork come to life in a beautifully detailed digital form, where the possibilities for reproduction are limitless. Our true passion lies in the intersection between art and science. That's what Lucida Studio is all about.

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From the smallest individual artworks dropped off at the studio to priceless art collections photographed on-site, Lucida Studio takes utmost care in creating beautiful, highly detailed digital reproductions. For examples of what we do, click for details on each project below.


Although art reproduction photography is Lucida's primary purpose, artists may also need professional photography or video production for marketing, promotion and documentation.


With expertise in commercial photography and videography, Lucida can do it all. Can your art only be appreciated from the sky? No worries, we even have a drone! 


Pricing will vary depending on several factors, so say hi and get in touch for a quote! 

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Please note that we may be consulted by appointment only. 

Contact us via email to make a booking or request a quote:

0401 210 283

Studio Address:

1 Angelo Street, South Perth

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