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image formats

Below are the image formats that I deliver to you as standard in a personal, secure online gallery.


Please note that the Master image format is only supplied with art reproduction photography. Of course, if you have specific size or format requirements that differ from these, I'm happy to accommodate for that too.


This size is ideal for when a little, handy file is needed. For example, it is a perfect resolution for an Instagram or Facebook post. 

1600 pixels (longest side) sRGB JPEG, medium compression




These are most useful for emailing art submissions or web use when your images may be expanded, zoomed, viewed full-screen, or handled by a web developer.


5500 pixels (longest side) sRGB JPEG files, medium compression




These are useful for cropping or down-scaling to a specific size for the web, inspecting detail or printing if your printer prefers sRGB JPEGs. The resolution will vary depending on the size of the artwork or image size out-of-camera.


Full-size sRGB JPEG files, minimal compression




I provide this file type for art reproduction photography. The resolution will depend on the size of the artwork. This archival master image can be used for giclée printing, archive, or to downsize and convert into any number of other derivative files and formats for a multitude of uses into the future. I'm happy to accommodate custom ICC profiles for print.


Full-size AdobeRGB Tiff, 48bits, uncompressed


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