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Fremantle Press



Brian Simmonds, pastel on paper for book 'The Beach' by Fremantle Press.


I have worked with the publisher Fremantle Press on several occasions to photograph original artworks for their publications including At The Dog Park, Let's Count Wildflowers and The Beach. This book, The Beach was a particularly enjoyable project for which I photographed a large number of original artworks by pastel-master Brian Simmonds.


"In The Beach, award-winning artist Brian Simmonds explores the beauty and diversity of our coastline, and its role in Australian life. Simmonds’s evocative pastel and pencil illustrations [are] accompanied by poetry and prose from well-known Australian writers..." - Fremantle Press

The challenge with pastel on paper for publication and print is that the paper on which the artwork is done must essentially become 'invisible' as to not compete and clash with the paper on which the artwork is eventually printed. Yet the tonality cannot be lost in the process. Pre-press work and printing houses often also require custom printing profiles, which must be converted from the original capture/editing format. This needs to be done carefully so that colours remain pleasing after conversion. Most of the work I do is in post-production of image files where many essential steps such as this take place. 

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