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Vincent Fantauzzo



"The Joker" 500x250cm (approx) wall mural



This striking wall mural of Heath Ledger's Joker by Vincent Fantauzzo was completed over 1 week for The Backlot Studios in West Perth. The objective was to make a reproduction master file from the artwork painted on the wall. This also serves as a conservation effort, so may also be considered as a 'conservation master' file.


There are challenges photographing something like this in-situ, including limited space to work, obstructions in front of the artwork, ambient light reflections to name a few. I managed to overcome the challenges of this piece by blocking ambient light and photographing the work in stages, varying my light position as I went. The post-production workflow included retouching to remove a wooden bar, colour matching and geometry correction. The result is a preserved artwork in the form of a master file with a great deal of fidelity. 

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