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Ross Potter



Humpback Whale, graphite on paper, 9 x 3m.



Ross Potter's whale is a magnificent sight to behold. He is known for his 1:1 scale, enormous, hyperrealistic pencil drawings. 

Due to the large scale of this beautiful artwork, it had to be photographed on location in a gallery setting for which I use a technique of 'scanning and stitching' multiple images together to form a seamless and highly detailed master image file. This requires careful, even lighting to avoid shadows and reflections as well as multiple measured camera and lighting positions. Editing involved removing the physical joins in the paper and ensuring the tonality was just right to ensure not only an accurate reproduction but a pleasing rendition on screen and in print. 

The result of the process is a beautiful, tack-sharp master image file that can be printed on a large scale while maintaining a very high level of detail, something no single camera photo could do.

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