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Tessa MacKay



Tessa MacKay, Through The Looking Glass. Oil on linen, 330 x 210cm.



Tessa MacKay's 2019 Archibald Finalist and winner of the 2019 Archibald Packing Room Prize 'Through The Looking Glass' is a stunning hyper-realistic portrait of Australian actor David Wenham.


I was lucky enough to see this extraordinary artwork come to life over a period of over one year, documenting it along the way. The final and essential part of the journey for this piece was, of course having it photographed in exquisite detail so that a permanent record could be had, as well as the limited edition art prints. I photographed the finished artwork in advance of the Archibald prize of 2019 so that the resulting image could also be used for official documentation, catalogues and posters.

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