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Gavin Libotte

Project Lead, Photographer

Gavin Libotte is a multidisciplinary Perth based artist who works under the monika Ortemel, a name inspired by a dream. Ortemel’s personal influences dwell into the beyond, surreal and supernatural, crossing mediums between canvas, walls, film, and music in the hope to discover more within through the culmination and emergence of his practices.


Currently working on a commission-based range of NFT’s with another two commissions contracted by Shire of Christmas Island, ranging from a series of watercolour illustrations for a book of historic events and places, and a position of director for an upcoming augmented reality project involving the murals he painted from 2017 to present.

Artist CV / Experience



Drew Petrusma

Acrylics on canvas

1.5 m x 3.5 m



Shire of Christmas Island

3 murals, 2021

5 murals, 2019

2 murals, 2017


Rifo’s Restaurant, Maylands

1 mural



City of Maylands, Lyric Lane

1 mural






Christmas Island W.A

Recreation Officer. 2011/2012


Taught and facilitated daily art classes throughout a 12 month period.



Christmas Island W.A

Art workshop. 2011.


Taught and facilitated an aerosol art workshop, for the local children of Christmas Island, for a 3 week period.


City of Maylands

Maylands, Perth W.A

Mural art. 2016


Painted a mural in lyric lane in collaboration with local artist Ill Withers,

For Maylands Festival.


Shire of Christmas Island

Christmas Island W.A 2017/2021


Contracted by the Shire of Christmas Island to paint a series of 9 murals throughout the township for an ongoing period from 2017 to present.


Shire of Christmas Island

Christmas Island W.A 2022


A series of watercolour illustrations

For a book of historic events and places, pending.



Education & Achievements


Bachelor of Film


Graduated 2018


Creative Achievement Award SAE: Perth Campus Best

Major Project in Higher education

“The Deep End” 2018

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