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Solar Eclipse Art Proposal

Solar Eclipse Art Proposal

The total solar eclipse, viewable in Exmouth in April next year will provide a natural inspiration and backdrop to our creative team’s ambition to undertake a unique public art experience.

Put simply, our practice will exhibit luminous UV street art. The UV painting mediums we have chosen are invisible in ordinary daylight conditions, yet glow brilliantly only under UV illumination. The luminous artworks can only be discovered and explored with UV torches or more permanent UV light fixtures. The phenomenon of the invisible becoming visible, which is core to this proposal, lends itself to the essence of what the eclipse can signify.

The eclipse and corresponding research can be explored artistically through the confluence of birth and death, where loss meets discovery, and where ignorance can find enlightenment. These themes are intrinsic to our artistic practices.

The Team

Our creative team currently consists of five collaborators. We are united through our shared belief in the potential and creative scope of the project. Together, we exhibit excellence in artistic merit over a broad range of disciplines, project execution, conceptual development and technical know-how. Our team shares a passion for the intersection between art and science. We are inspired by how the natural world can be expressed conceptually and emotionally through art and light.

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