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Ariel Katzir

Collaborating Artist

Through her work, Ariel Katzir examines the illusion of beauty. Graduating with a diploma of fashion and textiles, Ariel explores the facets of beauty and challenges the view that the lines on one’s face do not fit traditional ideals of the construct. Instead, she maintains they are under-appreciated.In the universe of art, she is forging her name and status by creating pieces that are quite unique. The artist discovered that the mixture of ink and acrylic on canvas is the perfect way for her to fully express herself.

To evolve her work further Ariel has completed a diploma in transpersonal art therapy. Which she fuses both together in her practice. She quotes “not only does my art therapy practice help me with daily hurdles but also those I work with, it is so rewarding seeing someone have a lightbulb moment.”

Currently she is on the search for the perfect balance between running workshops, collaborating with other artists, painting murals, flamboyant live art shows and hiding away in her studio either painting on a canvas or playing on her sewing machine. 






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